Success Story: MathIIT Learning Pvt Ltd

MathIIT Learning Private Limited

Kerala, India.

Mathiit is an educational institution established in the year 1999, founded by an elite group of IITians committed to delivering quality education that would help aspirants get aboard one of the most prestigious clusters of institutions in the world for further study.

Mathiit is one of the early adopt- ers of technology and had been extensively making use of it in imparting education.

Managing a coaching class alone is not an easy job, but Classpro has provided me with the most efficient management system which helped me grow by 40%. Through Classpro, I was able to provide the best services to students and parents.

Ajeet Dubey


Student data were collected through hard copies and maintained in excel sheets with a risk of data loss and hard to extract meaningful information.

Communication gap between parents and their student performance.

Managing operations was not an easy task.

No user – confidentiality.


Single profiles for students and enquiries to be stored on Cloud and can be exported in PDF or Excel format.

Automated reminders through SMS is an appealing feature provided by Classpro, which allows to send automatic fees, lecture reminders and performance reports.

Dashboard helped us with an overall monthly Income, expenses and enquiries generated in real time basis.

Classpro’s advanced user management function allowed us in assigning different privileges to different users.

Why Classpro?

On Decision-Making

"Our data is delivered to us in a very automated, easily consumable manner which helped us to take decision wisely, also to take action without any second thought."

On Ease of Use

“It’s just easy. There’s no middleman. You just log in and it’s right there. You can look at it whenever you want.”

On Implementation

“The Classpro engineers had already figured out how to make it work, how to pull the data in. It was all automatic.”

On Design & User Experience

“The design of the platform is fantastic. It’s definitely the easiest to use and the best-looking one that I saw of any solution out there.”

On Cost Benefit

“I just feel like I’m given much more customer attention, a much higher level of service, and a better value than what I’d get with other solutions.”